Updated: 5/20/2020
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  • What is Statistics?
  • Sruthi ! What is Statistics?
  • Statistics - the Collection, Analysing and Interpretation of Data
  • No idea Sir...
  • What is population?
  • Good. The proper definition is in board. you can read now
  • Vicky ! What is Population?
  • Population - Refers to the total amount of "Things"
  • Is it Group of people?
  • What is Sample?
  • Santhosh!. Can your have any idea about sample?
  • Sample- Refers to a small part of the population that is used for study
  • No sir
  • What is Variable?
  • Variable - What we are studying?- Categorized-Countable - Measurable
  • Ok sir
  • Types of Variable
  • Variable we can measure by Quantitative and Categorical
  • There are two types of measures of variable in statistics
  • Examples for Quantitative and Categorical Variable
  • Quantitative - 90%-97.5%-74%-68%-71.3%
  • Quantitative - Each individual test scoreCategorical - Based on the categorized of letter grade
  • Categorized-A + - A-B+
  • Lets see what is variable?
  • What are they sir?
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