Updated: 6/3/2020

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  • yawns* Were finally here. UHH I wish we could have stayed in GHANA.
  • FATIMA! wake up, its time to get off this plane
  • Fatima,darling we are finally in New York!
  • mama, were are we? IM STARVING. Can we just go to the apartment already
  • Fatima please do not raise your voice at your mother!
  • Fatima, darling we are heading to the apartment right now.
  • *rolls eyes* no one will want to be friends with me
  • So this is what an apartment looks like in New York. Our house back home was better!
  • By the way, you enroll in Southside Prep on Monday, you will be able to make some friends
  • sighs* I know you miss Ghana fatima but please try and get adjusted.
  • even though I am in America I miss Ghana so much.
  • Dear diary, I stepped on American Soil for the first time today :)
  • *sighs* I feel drawn in between to worlds.
  • Yawns* and open eyes slowly. W-wait its my first day? This is going to be terrible
  • FATIMAA! Wake up today is your first day at Southside Prep.
  • Yea ? I think so, maybe i will make some new friends
  • Morning Mama, Morning Papa
  • Good morning my ray of sunshine! Ready for your first day?
  • Fatima the bus is outside, have a great day sweetie.