Salvador Cabrera 3rd
Updated: 11/25/2020
Salvador Cabrera 3rd

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  • The narrator was a bit confused with this thought that had haunt him day and night. He was mad at the old man, but had no idea what about. In fact, he stated "I loved the old man, he had never wronged me, he had never given me an insult, for his gold I had no desire" (Poe 1). So he still ha wondered what it could of been.
  • After all that thinking, he had finally realized he was truly mad about the old man's eye that was similar to a vulture. "Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold" (Poe 2). It was just something about it that threw him off. Therefore, he made up his mine to take the life of the old man.
  • Day after day when the narrator had made his decision, he began sneaking into the old man's house and watch him sleep during midnight. He wasn't always successful at it though because one night as he tried to sneak through the door. "The old man sprang up in bed crying out- Who's there" (Poe 4). The old man was so terrified he didn't go back to sleep while the narrator stood still waiting patiently.
  • Then, as he waited he could hear how terrified the old man was and feared that the neighbor would also hear. He then had jumped out of the shadows and suffocate the old man under the bed. "He shrieked once-once only" (Poe 11). After being sure that the old man wasn't breathing, he hid the body under the floor boards of the chamber.
  • "A shriek had been heard by a neighbor during during the night; suspicion of foul play had been aroused; information had been logged at the police office and they had been deputed to search the premises" (Poe 14). This is exactly what he was afraid would happen. The narrator had then let the two police men into the home of the old man. He talked very convincing trying to make sure he gets away with the murder as the police men bought it,
  • However, out of no where he had began to loose his confidence. He started hearing a loud ringing in his ear, he grew pale, and his head had ached. "I felt that I must scream or die!- and now again- hark, louder, louder, louder!, louder" (Poe 17). He couldn't take the ringing in his ears much longer or the fact that the police men were still there and had admitted to doing the deed.