Updated: 4/1/2021

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  • Athens Trade
  • Athens Education
  • Athens Women's Roles
  • Mommy!
  • The exported, Silver, honey, pottery,and olive oil from their ports, their imports were, wood from Italy, and Grains from China. They used Gold, silver, and bronze coins to make trade easier.
  • Sparta Trade
  • From the ages 6-14 only boys got to learn reading, writing, math, and literature. They had P.E. like gymnastics, and wrestling. They studied music and played instruments. Girls only learned how to do house hold chores and did not get the same education as boys.
  • Sparta Education
  • Get married at 15Can not own property. Women couldn’t vote. They had to manage the household and take care of children. Girls did not get to learn how to read or write
  • Sparta Women's Roles
  • Would you like to buy my fruit?
  • They used heavy metal bars for trade when they did, but they did not like to so they just made or took what they needed.
  • No reading and writing.Their education was based around strength and discipline. At the age of 7 all the children learned how to fight and do different activities. When the men are 20 they would get a fitness, military, and leadership test. If they pass they become Spartan soldiers and citizens.
  • They were expected to be strong and ready to fight, they could speak freely, own property, and remarry if their husband is in the military.