Factors afecting climate
Updated: 1/21/2020
Factors afecting climate
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  • The person at the top are cold and the person at the bottom is cold too. The person on the equator is warm.
  • Latitude
  • The higher you are the colder. In the middle you are warm.
  • I'm higher so I am colder.
  • Taller=colder
  • I'm lower so I am warmer.
  • Altitude
  • Lower=warmer
  • Farther away from ocean is warmer.
  • I'm closer to the ocean so that means I am colder
  • Closer to the ocean is colder.
  • Ocean Distance
  • I'm farther away from the ocean so I am hotter
  • The weather patterns move ocean currents so they can warm up the land.
  • Ocean currents
  • The winds go up and down from the equator.
  • Prevailing winds
  • The winds go north and south from the equator.
  • I'm not getting wet because I am behind the mountain.
  • The mountain blocks the rain from getting to the other side.
  • Rain shadow effect
  • I'm getting wet because I am in front of the mountain.
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