AOC timeline Abigail Amoroso
Updated: 1/13/2021
AOC timeline Abigail Amoroso

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  • The AoC was an agreement with the original 13 states that served as the first constitution. During this time the states had to retain a lot of there power. The reason the founders set up the government like this is because they wanted war and peace.
  • A weakness the AoC had was fighting between each states. The fighting between each states was a problem because then those states couldn't agree to do anything.
  • Another weakness they had was a no taxing power. This was an issue because if you can't tax anyone them you can't get any money and usually if you don't get and money you can't really control anyone.
  • The point of the Northwest Ordinance was to establish a government for the Northwest Territory. They also were admitting in new states to the Union. The Northwest Ordinance made a path for the Ohio river that then lead them to some future states.
  • In the Northwest Territory slavery wasn't allowed. Some rights settlers would have would be school and education, religion, and having a good government.
  • Shays Rebellion was about how the people tried to in debt the farmers and and take their property. Shays Rebellion showed AoC their biggest weakness and put them down so that they could get strength to be up on top again.
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