Navigation Acts

Updated: 8/26/2020
Navigation Acts

Storyboard Text

  • Truth be told. The navigation acts are mostly benefiting the British. English port cities have been flourishing as economic hubs of commerce
  • The British had imposed so many regulations upon us.  The British, for example, had been putting tighter restrictions by making 75% crew having to be form English descent
  • Now the colonies would have nothing to spare, and for them shall be no disposition. The officers have retained control over cargo bound toward and fro the colonies. 
  • Don't worry sire. With the rapid growth of the Royal Navy, we have become the most powerful maritime superpower, which means more righter restrictions on transported goods from the colonies.
  • The British parliament had directed the purchase of goods to more expensive commodities from the British West Indies.
  • Merchants have increasingly distraught by these policies, and there has been uptake in violence and protests.
  • The Molasses Act is considerable increasing revenue for the English, although it has imposed so many steep import taxes on Molasses. People are furious at this, and I feel no sincerity in their approach as they are greedy and selfish maniacs. 
  • The British now have a lot of jurisdiction under maritime commerce. They are only doing this for their own benefit. The colonists are forced to buy sugar cane for the British. We are feeling so underrespresented in the British parliament and there needs to be something done about it. There will come a time when the 13 colonies will prevail among those greedy selfish people.