The Pearl by John Steineck
Updated: 1/10/2021
The Pearl by John Steineck

Storyboard Text

  • what do i do
  • i cant treat him if he doesnt have money. they never do
  • Juana doesnt know what to do about Kino being obessed with the pearl. Its hurting her family and her old life. She knows hes not the same husband he use to be. ( person vs self)
  • this is the doctor being greedy about his money , when coyotito really needs the medical help. He only cares about what he gets in return and he knows they have nothing because of where they live. ( person vs person)
  • Kino never expected to find a pearl because of the chances they were given in life. it was ironic that he found this pearl to privide them wealth , when they just were told no because they didnt have money (person vs. society)
  • kino finding the pearl before knowing how much damage in his life its going to cause. he was so happy at first. ( person vs nature )
  • when Kino gets mad at Juana for trying to do whats best and attemping to throw the pearl in the ocean. Then he hits her and starts kicking her. (person vs person)
  • the town doubting Kino getting money for the pearl because they think hes dumb enough to get ripped off. (person vs society)
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