The Costly War
Updated: 2/22/2021
The Costly War

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  • Causes of the French and Indian War
  • hey this is my land i found this place first
  • no its not we came here way before you
  • How England Reacts to France's Moves
  • sir yes sir
  • get the French to move out
  • What Happened Throughout The French and Indian War
  • Leave this territory peaceably
  • no way this land is ours
  • The reason this war was started in the first place was a battle of land. Both the British and the French were interested in expanding their North American colonies to the land west of the Appalachian Mountains; the Ohio Territory. Each side had fur traders doing business with the Native Americans.
  • What Happened Throughout The French and Indian War
  • Surrender we have won
  • When the French created a fort called Fort Duquesne near present day Pittsburgh, the King of England allowed for a small army to be raised, led by George Washington. Washington and his small army headed to Fort Duquesne to stop them in their tracks and drive them away.
  • Positive Consequences for the British
  • Hallelujah we have much more land now!!!
  • After refusing to vacate the Ohio Territory peaceably, the French forced Washington and his small army to retreat because his force was too small to overpower the French's fort. After a year, Washington came back with more men and they established their own fort, Fort Necessity. The French captured their fort with ease and that's when the King of England declared war. The French had the upper hand for three years.
  • Negative Consequences for the British
  • The king has ordered for you to not move to the land west.
  • but that isn't fair we FOUGHT for that land
  • England started gaining the upper hand in the year 1758 due to a new battle plan by the British Prime Minister which included a significant troop surge, a new strategy that better suited the frontier, a naval blockade, and an alliance with some Native American tribes. On top of that, an outbreak of smallpox fell on the French's Indian allies that year. The English then captured a series of forts including Quebec, which lead to their victory against the French.
  • After the war was over, England gained basically France's entire land; the land between the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean. They made a tremendous territorial gain.
  • Although the British were clearly the winners of this war, there was still a huge debt left to pay. To get rid of this debt, the British heavily taxed the colonists. On top of that, the King issued the Royal Proclamation of 1763 which made the colonists and the Native Americans split, but the colonists couldn't settle on the land they fought for. This resulted in a sour relationship between the colonies and England.