The beginning of America

Updated: 2/9/2021
The beginning of America

Storyboard Text

  • The Framers meet was on March 25, 1787. All of the states except Rhode Island sent delegates to Philadelphia.
  • I George Washington will be the President of this convention.
  • Two major plans were offered for the new government. The Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan.
  • We have another plan.
  • I have a plan I'd like to announce.
  • The framers agreed to the Three-Fifths compromise. This odd compromise disappeared from the Constitution with the adoption of the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery in 1865.
  • Oh yea, it provides that all "free person" should be counted.
  • What about the Three-Fifths compromise?
  • I agree with that idea.
  • On September the convention approved the constitution, but there was two sides of the ratification. The federalists and the anti-federalists.
  • I'm fully federalists!
  • The convention has approved the Constitution!
  • I am Anti-federalist!
  • Hey, did you know that the new congress was set in place on March 4, 1789?
  • George Washington took the oath of office as the first president of the U.S. with John Adams as vice president.
  • Today April 30, 1789 I announce George Washington as the first president of the United States.