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Updated: 2/5/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Siddhartha was born in as a prince, about 563 B.C.E. In the north part of india , near the Himalayas.
  • Prince siddhartha was raised in a palice of perfect beauty and peace.
  • At the age of 16, Prince Siddhartha married a beautiful young noblewoman. The wedding feast lasted seven days and seven nights. For 12 years, the couple lived together in perfect peace, enjoying the prince's many palaces. When Siddhartha turned 29, they had a son.
  • After Siddhartha became a father himself, the king gave him more freedom to travel outside the royal palaces. According to Buddhist tradition, during his journeys, the prince discovered three forms of suffering.The prince was deeply troubled by his discovery of aging, sickness, and death. Unable to sit at home with his thoughts, he set out a fourth time. This time, he met a man who glowed with inner peace and calm.
  • Prince Siddhartha's experiences with suffering transformed him. Suddenly, his royal life seemed empty. He wanted to find the happiness and peace that the ascetic had found. Siddhartha decided to give up his old life and search for enlightenment. Becoming enlightened would mean finding deep truth and freedom from suffering.
  • A full moon rose on Siddhartha's 35th birthday. He bathed in the river and rested quietly in a grove of trees. When he awoke, he had a strong feeling that he would soon become enlightened. Then a grass cutter gave him eight handfuls of soft grass as a present. Siddhartha walked until he reached a tree that would become known as the Bodhi (BOH-dee), or Enlightenment, tree. He placed the grass at the foot of the tree and sat down. He vowed to meditate under the tree until he reached enlightenment.
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