how she died how i lived
Updated: 3/17/2021
how she died how i lived

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  • Kyle texted five girls to get high with him
  • I have the good stuff i should tell them
  • Jamie is the only girl who responded and agreed to meet up with him
  • It would be the right thing to do I should just say yes to be nice.
  • Kyle rapes her and then kills her
  • All four girls received a mysterious gift with a note saying "it wasn't your fault." Originally they thought the note was from Kyle but later on they discovered that it was actually from Kyles grandmother who he lived with before being sent to prison.
  • The book starts off by showing the texted that says ¨Want to hang this afternoon?¨ (crockett pg.vii) She ignored the text and went on drinking her snowcone. ¨I checked my phone. Kyle again. ¨I have the good stuff.¨.....The idea of getting high was tempting.¨(Crockett pg.ix) The only reason she did not go get high is because she got a text from Sander and he was coming home and she went to get ready
  • I got one of these
  • So did I
  • ¨It was Jamie, not me, who answered one of Kyles texts to a few random girls that afternoon.¨ (Crockett pg.1)
  • The other four girls go to court with kyle. Kyle´s grandma told the girls it was not there fault. Kyle is giving life in prison.
  • He will have life in jail
  • charlie was jamie's boyfriend after she died. The narrator who is left unnamed falls for charlie they want to go out but think that it will be a constant reminder of what happened.They decided that the best thing to do is forgive and move on.
  • ¨While he beat....While he choked and kicked her.¨(Crockett pg.2)
  • ¨I fumble open the envelope and slip out the note. There, in tight cursive letters: It´s not your fault¨(crockett pg.158-159) Someone sent the narrator flowers with that note they do not know who it is they think maybe kyle.
  • It´s not your fault
  • official187
  • ¨You girls, you ain´t to blame. I raised that boy best I could.¨(crockett pg.334) The grandmother says this to the narrator.¨They gave him life¨(crockett 351) charlie is telling the narrator this.
  • ¨I´m going to forgive him. No I do forgive him. (crockettpg 367)