Oedipus: Short Ver 2

Updated: 10/6/2021
Oedipus: Short Ver 2

Storyboard Text

  • Let us meet the shepherd to learn more about the truth.
  • This is the shepherd that was left alive during that encounter with King Laius.
  • Where did you get the child? From your house or another's?
  • From what house here?
  • I got him from the city of Thebes. From the house of Laius.
  • Please do not inquire any further!
  • The child you speak of right now, is in front of you.
  • I now know what I have done.
  • Why is my life so miserable. All of what happened is Apollo. A fate that is unescapable
  • As a result of this, I shall stab my own eyes so that I don't see the result of all my actions.
  • My mother, my wife has hanged herself. She could not handle me finding the truth.
  • For I have brought havoc in this city.
  • After meeting my children for the last time, I asked Creon to exile me from this city.