Updated: 3/14/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The Battle of Lone Pine was set on the 6th of August 1915. The men were told to try and overwhelm the Turks trenches, protecting reinforcements that were landing.
  • But when they arrived the Turks had boarded up their trenches with pine logs they shot at the Anzacs, safely inside their trenches.
  • With an incredible show of bravery the Anzacs persevered and managed to remove the pine logs and jumped in the trenches.
  • In the close quarters, the Anzacs had the advantage, as they ended up using their fists to fight.
  • The Anzacs managed to take over the trenches and soon had control over several Turkish communication trenches.
  • However, the battle still took 2000 casualties for the Australians and 7000 Turkish casualties.