forces comic
Updated: 2/3/2020
forces comic
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  • Sorry!
  • I expect these tires to be floating! Keep this up, and you're fired!
  • 10 minutes earlier..
  • I thought that metal sticker was gonna fall off, guess I'm lucky.
  • .
  • Interesting... how are these falling at the same time?
  • The boss becomes infuriated with the tires unable to float. This is because of gravity making this impossible because of the weight that the tires have that make it so they cannot float, like a gas.
  • Wooo!!!!
  • The character thinks he is lucky for the car magnet not falling off his bumper. Though, magnetism is the main reason for it staying on, not luck.
  • AHH!!!!!
  • This scene reenacts where Sir Isaac Newton discovered how the weights of the feather and the hammer do not matter on which falls to the ground first. It may have been confusing at first, but research proved to be impressive.
  • Honestly, yeah, I have!
  • Have YOU ever wondered how your pants are so comfortable?
  • The skateboarder is using rolling friction to move himself on the skateboard across the street.
  • Sliding friction is used in this slide since the character falls into a force that is not moving, making him trip over.
  • The character, unsure of how his pants fit him so well, is that the true meaning behind it is that elastic force determines the stretchiness of the object.
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