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Survival of the Fittest comic
Updated: 3/8/2020
Survival of the Fittest comic
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  • Hmmm....survival of the fittest...what does that mean?
  • I don't see how that is important. 
  • Great question! Survival of the fittest can mean lots of things. It usually applies to animals, and can mean that only the strongest, fastest, smartest or sneakiest survives.
  • And I thought it only meant that the biggest and the strongest survive?
  • Thanks for answering the question, but who are you and how did you get into my house? 
  • Where is that annoying little Yorkie?
  • Not necessarily. For example, dogs. Of course, the big, strong, mean Pitbull will be better able to fight or defend itself. However, smaller, skinnier dogs like Yorkie Terriers can be faster and can better hide themselves if needed.
  • He'll never find me!
  • And all dogs communicate by barking. A bigger dog could use its louder bark to assert dominance over other dogs.
  • What about Chihuahuas? They're small and they're still scary.
  • *In case you couldn't tell, this part is satirical. mostly.
  • That's because Chihuahuas are....well, to put it simply, demon dogs*.
  • Nope! I'm not dealing with that thing!
  • Oh would you look at the time! I've gotta go!
  • Yup! No need to thank me, it's what I do!
  • But seriously, how'd you get in here?
  • Ohhhh!!! Now it makes sense!
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