Unknown Story
Updated: 11/30/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • your going to have to be careful and listen to instructions and not go to high so nothing bad happens
  • Im going to teach you how to fly were going to make our wings.
  • Ok!
  • Icarus Icarus my son where are you
  • Ahhh dad
  • Im going to call this the land Icaria.
  • The father was telling Icarus on how he needs to listen and not go to close to the sun but Icarus is excited and doesnt really listen
  • Icarus was going way to high and his wings start falling apart and he calls out for his dad but his dad doesn't hear him.But Daedalus see's feathers from Icarus wings falling down and start panicky and having anxeity.
  • Daedlus relizes he was to late to save his son.The father Daedalus buried his son and calls it land of Icaria in memory of his son.And hangs his wings "as an offering to the gods"