science 2
Updated: 5/12/2019
science 2

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  • Whoa buddy, who are you? Nevermind that we need to hurry out of here follow me.
  • They got out of the liquid layer of the earth also known as the outer core and are now on there way to the inner core. Yet both of them did not know that the inner core is as hot as the suns surface.
  • Its getting really hot down here we should quickly get the footage a get out of here!
  • Good thing we got out of there my special temperature tracker said it was 10,800 degrees
  • They made it home and found out that their uncle will be taking care of them they gave the footage to scientists and actually got a good amount of money for it i mean they did risk their lives and lost a parent so now the pups live in a very nice house with their uncle living the dog dream.
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