ch8 LOTF

Updated: 5/4/2020
ch8 LOTF

Storyboard Text

  • !!!!!!!!BHHSJDOI
  • Im leaving if anyone wishes to join they can
  • Yeah srew them traitors absolute rubbish they are bruv
  • Hey buddy, we dont need them watcha say we build a fire here instead.
  • Jack is positive that their is a beast up in the mountains. He is enraged and storms off after he states that ralph is a coward and tries voting him out but that doesnt work.
  • After that commotion ralph is bummed out. Piggy cheers him up by suggesting they build a single fire on the beach instead of on the mountain.
  • Jack quickly forms his own cult and names himself chief. I dont know who would have ever guess this but the next thing jack and his hunters do is kill a sow or a pig as an offering to the beast.
  • Simon ponders off into the woods to have a relaxing view at nature when its then that he spots the pigs head. The pig head starts taling and introducing iself as "the lord of the flies" it even goes as far as to say it will have fun with simon. Simon then faints.
  • Ralph stupidly invited jack over for supper and that was when he prepared to raid the beach.