a project

Updated: 6/21/2021
a project

Storyboard Description

it tells why rain gardens are not always good to have and example their some times are not good

Storyboard Text

  • have you ever wonder what are cons about rain gardens here are down sides of rain gardens .
  • some downs sides of rain garden is that they cost a lot a example is each square is 40$.
  • another con is bugs sometimes bugs come to rain garden when not invited also it depends what flower you going to use .
  • If you don t know what a con is the meaning of a con is not good things also this about cons about rain gardens.
  • Some cons are that rain garden is not cheap they cost a lot it also depends on what soil condition is and the plants all together is a lot.
  • Some flowers don't work with the rain garden so it depends what kind of flowers you use and also there are bugs some bugs come not invited when that happens you have to get rid of them also they can also do harm to the plants.