History Project :o)

Updated: 9/3/2021
History Project :o)

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  • There was a group of kids who lived on venus, they were all huddled up together waiting for the sun to arrive. all together but 1, her name was Margot. she was the silent kid and would get bullied for this. she knew more than they did about the sun that only arrived after 7 years for 2 hours.
  • Only an hour after the sun arriving the kids decided to lock Margot in the closet, knowing she wanted to see the sun. while they have fun being in the sun. Margot was still in the closet struggling to get out.
  • After the sun came down the kids walked slowly back inside filled with sadness. And they just remembered about Margot. So they walked up to the closet slowly, There was no noise. And they opened the closet doors...