My Assignment

Updated: 2/9/2021
My Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I'm Edman. Today I will tell you my insights about instructional materials and technology tools for language teaching
  • IM refers to the human and non-human materials and facilities that can be used to ease,encourage, improved and promote teaching and learning activities.
  • At first, I thought that when we say IM it automatically refers to the text books, eBooks, online modules, but then the discussion helps me realize that audios, videos, diorama, power point presentation are also considered as IM
  • These are some examples of Instructional Materials. (P.S: I can't upload my own photos of example, I need to upgrade my account to access uploading own pictures)
  • Now, let's talk about the technology tools for language teaching. Why use Technology in teaching? As a student I can tell that it catches our attention especially we are considered as Digital native.
  • I'm here at computer lab to show you an example of technology tools for language teaching. We are all familiar with this one. During the discussion of our classmate, I realize that this topic is very relevant since we are experiencing pandemic, we use technology to continue learning. Technology also helps us to learn by our own.
  • Using Social media is very rampant. Some use it for personal entertainment but we also can use it in Educational purpose. So since many students use software like that, it increases their interest in learning.
  • That's all for today. Thank you