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Holocaust Graphic Novel
Updated: 2/26/2019
Holocaust Graphic Novel
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  • This is Eleanora and her family; her brother Ansel, her sister Adela, her father Emmerich, and her mother Elissa. It's 1940 in Amsterdam, Germany.
  • In Germany, the government is placing laws like the Nuremberg Racial Laws. These laws insured families like Eleanora's wouldn't be citizens because they were Jews. This means that it's extremely hard for Emmerich and Elissa to get jobs to provide for their family.
  • The laws affected just about everyone. Jews, Gypsies, Prisoners, Cripples, Elders, and anyone that disagreed or tried to defy Hitler.
  • On November 9th, at midnight, a german soldier came and lit Eleanora's house on fire. Unfortunately, Emmerich and Ansel died in the fire. They later called this day, Kristallnacht.
  • The German soldiers then took Eleanora, Adela, and Elissa to a room he called a ghetto, there were lots of families in the small room.
  • Eleanora and Adela are sent to a labor camp called, Sachsenhausen. It was a labor camp, they would work all day without any pay and very little food or water. Sadly Elissa, was sent to a different camp. Eleanora made a new friend, Giselle, after work, they would play with little dolls they made out of grass.
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