Abby P. Anne of Green Gables

Abby P.  Anne of Green Gables

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  • This is Anne Shirley.
  • Hello! Nice to meet you.
  • But... we requested a boy.
  • I suppose the orphanage doesn't have a boy. She can stay with us until we sort this out.
  • I made it! I'm first on the list! I am going to Queens!
  • Marilla! Marilla! You'll never believe the news!
  • Congratulations, Anne! I couldn't be more proud!
  • Ooh, what is it?
  • Daily Theme : Write six pages about the newest teaching methods. Create four criteria and write a paragraph about each criteria explaining its necessity. This is 50% of your daily credit. W\
  • Gosh, I miss Diana so much! And Matthew and Marilla, too!
  • Brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert have decided to adopt an orphan boy to help with chores around their farm. But the orphanage brings a girl named Anne Shirley. After some debating and thought, Matthew and Marilla decide to let Anne stay.
  • *CLAPS*
  • I did it!
  • SCHOLARSHIP:ANNE SHIRLEYMedal:Gilbert BlytheHonors:Leslie BrochardIsabelle Kramer
  • Anne has been in Green Gables for some time now and is excelling in school. She tries out for the Queen's Academy, a school for those who want to be teachers. She anxiously awaits the news, until...
  • Will he be okay?
  • I'm not sure there's anything we can do.
  • At Queen's, Anne is struggling. She misses Matthew and Marilla, and most of all her best friend, Diane. But, she is studying for a scholarship and must work hard.
  • I've decided to stay in Green Gables. The boy who won the medal, GIlbert, has decided to give me the teaching position at the school.
  • It's not a sacrifice, my ambitions have just changed.
  • Anne! You don't have to sacrifice your future for me.
  • Anne has been studying for a scholarship to Redmond, a premier college. She is in the top spot! All of Anne's hard work has paid off, and her dreams are about to come true.
  • *CHEERS*
  • On a celebratory visit home, Anne is walking around with Matthew and Marilla when Matthew collapses. He has passed away.
  • Anne and Marilla have a talk about Anne's future. Anne decides to stay home. Familiar surroundings help her with her grief, and the two need to comfort one another. Green Gables is where Anne belongs.
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