Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • Whats the problem.
  • I'll help you.
  • Oh My Gosh!
  • I have a pronoun quiz and its hard to study because I don't understand.
  • Really, thank you.
  • Well a pronoun replaces a noun. Here are some example he,she, I, his, hers and mine
  • You know what a noun is right.
  • Oh. But my teacher said there also gonna be some other pronouns on the quiz.
  • Yeah
  • There is also possessive pronouns which show possession like hers his or mine.
  • How about we go outside
  • Well there is interrogative pronouns which are used in question so if you see a question mark in a sentence its a interrogative pronoun
  • How about we go outside and talk about pronouns because there are many examples outside
  • OK
  • You understand
  • Examples of Indefinite pronouns are another anybody,everybody, or no one.
  • Here is an example these apartments are in our town. These is an demonstrative pronoun.
  • Another type of pronoun is indefinite. An example is does anyone know where Mrs Molly is . Anyone would be the pronoun.
  • Yup
  • Personal is used to refer to people like he,she or it for example she is nice.
  • Well reflective is easy it just refers to another noun like which. Here an example the dog bit itself. They usually end in self or selves.
  • Relative is just......
  • You understand.
  • I understand relative the hardest for me is personal
  • But there is still 3 more pronouns that I don't understand. Personal,relative and reflective pronouns.
  • OK lets go home.
  • Do you understand now?
  • Yes.
  • I feel good now.
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