5 days in a mine by Georgie Perakis

Updated: 10/7/2021
5 days in a mine by Georgie Perakis

Storyboard Text

  • Lets catch up to the other kids dad
  • ok Josh
  • " I cant see anything" ( Lewis 118)
  • Come with me, I will take you outsisde. Josh catch up with the others.
  • "I thought Josh was with You" ( Lewis, p,119)
  • "We thought he was with you" ( Lewis, p,119)
  • Even though things are hard, I will not lose hope and give up. They will find me eventually.
  • Josh! I found you, did you know you were in here for 5 days!
  • That was 5 days?
  • Why is everyone making such a big deal abut it?
  • You didnt give up even though it was a hard challenge and were very couragous, I am very proud of you sweetie!