don't trust stranger

Updated: 9/18/2021
don't trust stranger

Storyboard Text

  • Come on girls let's go to the park .
  • Okay mom let's go .
  • Yes sure you can , but be careful don't talk to stranger !
  • Aw yes it's sara , mom can we go and play with her ? please .
  • Reem look it's sara there playing on the swing , ask mom if we could go and play with her .
  • On a cloudy nice day a young 2 sisters went with their mother to the park to play and have fun on the weekend .
  • No thank you I have chocolate with my mum , I will go to her to give me some of it .
  • Hello girl , what are you doing here alone away from your family , do you like chocolate ? I have so much on my car come with me I will give you .
  • When they reached to the park they saw their friend sara so they went to play with her .
  • Wow it's so amazing , I want to see it on real let's go !
  • Remm don't go with him , you don't know him , maybe he is lying at you he want to kidnap you !
  • Wait stop I will show you my car so you can believe me !
  • After a while every one went to their houses except reem and hoor and their mom , they was still playing on the park .
  • Girls you should not go with any stranger or talk to them or even trust them , because you don't know them , maybe they want to kill you or kidnap you , so you shouldn't trust any stranger !
  • When it started to be dark , a man came and sit next to reem on the swing , reem was scared because she don't know who is the man , and her mother and sister didn't saw the man because she was farther than then on the swing , the man was trying to talk to reem and lure her with chocolate so she go with him to his car and then he could kidnap her , but reem didn't listen to him and she was trying to go away from him .
  • The man stopped reem and couldn't let her go to her mom , and he showed her a fake picture to a car that is full of chocolate so she thought that its really his car , so she was walking with him to go , her mother saw them , and she was afraid of the man so she ran to her daughter and stopped , the man was nervous so he ran away quickly .
  • Reem and hoor mother took them and went to the house , and she told them that they should not talk with people they don't know or go with them .