Updated: 2/23/2021

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  • 2. Hiking with my family
  • look at this tree
  • this is dumb
  • this is cool
  • 2. taking notes
  • I don't think I'm going to get this right
  • How do i do this?
  • ws
  • Wow this assignment is long
  • 1. Playing Rocket league
  • Dinners done
  • this games bad
  • This is fun
  • This is one of my favorite memories, because I would be running through the woulds. Every once and a while my dad would whistle, and I would come running back. Then he'd tell me I could go run of and he was just checking on me. I just felt really free and enjoyed being able to run free and get out all my energy
  • WS= Worksheet I like worksheets because you can always go back to look at them and easily find them. And you can see clearly see whats wrong with your answers. It makes it easy to correct and have them to go through and answer the questions correctly.
  • I enjoy this game because it has to do with playing to other peoples weaknesses, and looking for ways that you can hit a ball in a way to get it past someone and to your teammate. You have to learn all this mechanics and think everything out to get the ball to the goal.