The Other Wes Moore - Jordan Pullin
Updated: 4/8/2021
The Other Wes Moore - Jordan Pullin

Storyboard Text

  • The other Wes Moore's mother, Mary, was in her room crying. She had lost her chances of getting into college because her Pell Grants were slashed, and she had to explain it to the other Wes Moore.
  • Wes Moore's father died from a preventable illness, 5 hours after misdiagnosis.
  • Wes was moving out of his house with his family to go live in New York with his grandparents.
  • Wes played with the other kids at his newfound home and made plenty of friends to make up for the ones he lost in the move.
  • The other Wes had tried to kill the boy who had punched him in the face over a game of football.
  • The other Wes Moore met his father, who was sitting on the couch, heavily drunk and reeking of whiskey.