U.S. Histoty: Fort Sumter
Updated: 2/18/2021
U.S. Histoty: Fort Sumter

Storyboard Text

  • Standoff
  • This Fort is important to the Confederacy! Get this under control, we must take it!
  • Support
  • Send in unarmed ships and get our soldiers out of that situation, quickly.
  • Mr. President, sir, Fort Sumter is under attack, sir!
  • Invasion!?
  • CAPTAIN!!! We have incoming vessels!
  • The Confederate troops are sitting in the Charleston Harbor nervously waiting until the Union surrenders. The Standoff has be a constant and P.G.T. Beauregard is on his last nerve with the Union forces.
  • First Shots
  • Abraham Lincoln received the news about the attack on Fort Sumter and planed to send in unarmed ships to retrieve the Union men.
  • Bombardment
  • General, we've been under constant fire for awhile now, what do we do?!
  • The Confederate ships spot the rescue vessel and take it as an attack. The ships begin to fire on Union controlled Fort Sumter.
  • Surrender
  • After seeming the incoming ships the Confederate ships fire on Fort Sumter. The Union general Anderson refuses to give up the Fort at the start of the bombardment.
  • FIRE! Fire on that Fort! Now!
  • Fort Sumter was under constant fire for about 34 hours. Then General Anderson raised a white flag. The Fort was surrendered to the Confederates
  • Our men can't take much more of this, *sigh*Raise the white flag.
  • The Battle at Fort Sumter ends in rebel victory. The first shot of the Civil War has been fired. The war between the Union and the COnfederacy has begun...