The story of the typewriter

Updated: 10/29/2020
The story of the typewriter

Storyboard Text

  • The story of the typewriter.
  • OK we are interested to work with you on this project.
  • I am Christopher Latham Sholes and i gather you her to day to help me make a machine that i think will change the would that we know
  • It is a machine that it will help type better. If you hit a letter it will print the letter on the piece of paper.
  • What is the project about
  • I will help you in show how i want the machine to look and how the machine to look like.
  • I am Samuel Soule and my friend is Carlos Glidden I am an inventor i will help you make it real and my friend will also help to make the machine a reality.
  • Yes we are almost done.
  • Hey i cant do this any more i am leaving... BYE
  • I sad that soul left but we are finally finished. let put it out to the world.
  • Come look at the first ever typewriter it will be the first of meany.
  • This will start the path to the future.