the veldt comic
Updated: 8/28/2018
the veldt comic
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  • Expansion
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • The Hadley's bought a house and they spent a little over 30,000 on the kids nursery that was virtual reality. The house had electronics that cooked food and gave them baths and brushed their teeth. The parents weren't even needed.
  • Climax
  • George hadley walked into the kids nursery and seen a scene that he did not like. There was lions that were eating something in the distance then he heard a scream.
  • Falling Action
  • George asked his wife if she had seen the nursery, She said,Why? He replied well the nursery is stuck on not very nice scene. So then they go and look then they decide.
  • Resalution
  • So then they go and confront their kids they say they have no idea then George sees his old wallet with slobber and blood. So the decide to shut the house off and the kids through a total temper tantrum. They decided that they will let there kids say goodbye to the nursery while they said their goodbyes they went and got their clothes packed.
  • Then they back downstairs to get there and shut the house off they walk into the nursery. The door shuts behind them and then lions in the distins start to run towards them and graled. Then they attacked them.
  • Then as kids sit on the couch and listen to their parents scream. The hypnoises comes to the house and asks were there parent were and they said they will b down in a bit. The End
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