ELA ex holocaust
Updated: 1/12/2021
ELA ex holocaust

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  • A gift and a tragedy
  • The Neighbor's threat
  • Taken away with her mom and brother
  • Left
  • Right
  • When Elly was 10, her baby brother was born. Before then she was an only child and was jealous of other kids siblings. She loved him. His name was Adalbert but then, a few years later her father was drafted into a force labor camp. One day, he and a few other men, were ordered to go inside this trailer. When his keeper locked the door, poured gasoline over the trailer, started it on fire ,and her daddy was burned alive.
  • The concentration camp
  • When Elly was still a little girl the neighbor bought 2 chickens that were in their pen, but when Elly was at school, the chickens got loose! The tenant/their neighbor blamed Elly. Her mother said to the neighbor that she would buy her new chickens, though Elly did not do it, but they could have been shot for they were jews, if the neighbor reported them. The chickens ended up came back so her mom didn't have to buy any.
  • Saved by the Allies
  • Later on, her family got taken away in a cattle cart with many other jews. They were headed to a concentration camp. Little Elly got lucky, she was pushed to the right side of the barbed wire, while her mom and brother to the left. She never saw her family again, ad the worse part was, her brother only five years old.
  • Finding Jobs in the USA
  • The concentration camp was horrible. When they got there they didn't get fed. They waited 7 days till they had a bite to eat. On June 7th they finally got to take a shower. In a few weeks, some young woman got sick and had to be taken away. When it was time to sleep they were crowded, fourteen woman in one splintered bed, and only one blanket, no pillow Even if some things weren't there falt they were beaton.
  • Elly was trying to count the days she was there but she couldn't, it got too many. One day she and others, got on a cattle car and saw her cousins, Violet and Eva. Some American soldiers came and told them they were free. They were so happy! But she didn't have any family. She had a couple uncles but they never came for her. She returned to her hometown where she met her husband, Ernest.
  • Their next step, they moved to Oradea Romania, where they had two kids and planted many trees, but they still wanted to move to the U.S.A. They finally made it, and her husband's cousin gave them some help. Elly got a job at a factory but it was too hard for her, always coughing, her boss gave her tea and she made it through. At some point she did end up going to collage and her husband got a job as a dish washer. It was a hard journey, but she made it!
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