Carey Lora McDonald: The movie
Updated: 3/28/2021
Carey Lora McDonald: The movie

Storyboard Description

ABOUT CAREY: Carey is a 14 year old who loves acting and is a actress. She is the only child and her dad is always with her and her mom gives her new movie ideas' TODAY: She is practicing for a movie called: The Life Of Sienna and she was upset for a second because she had to go to a baby shower but she made plans. She went on scene and met someone named Regina ( Emily) and when she was practicing, she met a girl named Bethany Tom ( Tara the nerd) and it took one of the parts when Lilliana Kenny ( Corinne the bully) and after they were done, the editor was done with the movie and the CD. Bethany, Regina, and Carey were now best friends

Storyboard Text

  • Carey, Bethany, it is your turn
  • WHAT! Why I was looking foward to it
  • I am practicing my roll for my movie next week
  • Hi sweetie, what are you doing
  • Right you may not be able to do your movie at all next week
  • Come with me
  • Great just drop me off
  • Ok lets see the scene
  • I have to go to a baby shower
  • No, this is my 5th movie I am in
  • Hi I am Regina Nelson what is your name
  • This is my 1st movie I only been in shows so far
  • I am Carey McDonald is this your first movie?
  • I got the roll of Sienna Yana the main charecter
  • I wanted that but I got Tara Lepinsky the nerd
  • My real name is Bethany Tom
  • Instead of Sienna Yana, you are Sienna Yawn head
  • How dare you
  • CUT! Lilliana great voice, Carey great expresion
  • The movie is complete