Updated: 2/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Today we'll be investigating advanced trigonometric identities.
  • Mr Lucifer
  • Your child's attitude and level of attainment in class is very poor - he should join my exclusive tuition sessions. Mwahaha I get extra salary - yippee!
  • Homework - 17 essays each using a different language on quantum physics
  • Good morning class - how is everyone? Hey how are you guys?
  • Causes & Consequences of the Neolithic Revolution
  • I never knew school was gonna be so enticing, interactive and fun!!! I love it!!!
  • Hi I am Mr Brown!
  • Oh that's fabulous! Great to hear that Mr Brown!
  • Magnificient work - I see excellent potential in him! Keep it up!
  • Great effort in your recent project - well done!
  • Thank you!!!