Humanities Week 4 Storyboard-Children Labor
Updated: 4/20/2020
Humanities Week 4 Storyboard-Children Labor
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  • Worked totheBone
  • Get to work!
  • Yes sir.
  • Yay!
  • Are you ok?
  • What have you done?!
  • By: Leena Dudi
  • I was just taking pictures of these children working. Do you really think they should be working instead of getting an education?
  • What are you doing? Get out!
  • Leo, Martha, and Floyd are starting their work for the day. This is Floyd's first day, and he is super excited to work. Once they go it the mill factory, the overseer puts the children to work. After they get put to work, Leo sees a girl coughing. Floyd tells him that it's her lungs.
  • Yes, but I have to work to get my family money to live.
  • I met a photographer at the mill today. There was so much light. I made 42 cents.
  • Have you ever wanted to go to school?
  • 4 years later, Leo starts coughing a lot. Martha notices a break in the thread. Martha tries to fix it, but she is too distracted by Leo coughing. The machine explodes out loose thread, and Martha falls to the ground. Her hand appears to be disfigured. The overseer doesn't care about her hand, but he screams at her because she broke the thread.
  • How much did you make today?
  • Hine goes to a glasswork factory in Virginia. As he starts to take some pictures of the children working there, the boss tells him to get out. Hine argues with him that making children work in factories is bad, and they should be getting education. The boss disagrees and shoves Hine out of the factory.
  • Hine disguises himself as an industrial photographer and goes to the factory Martha and Leo go too. He takes a picture of Martha and the machine, then asks Martha some questions. Floyd, unfortunately passed away.
  • Leo and Martha go home to eat dinner, before they have to go back to the machinery. Martha talks about the photographer(Hine) and how much money she made.
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