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White Washing the Fence
Updated: 9/30/2020
White Washing the Fence
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Storyboard Description

This is an extract from Mark Twain's novel-The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Based on the tactics of a mischievous boy, this story takes place on the banks of the River Mississippi in Missouri in USA. Tom Sawyer tries to run away from his aunt's punishment which he received due to the fight he had picked up with a boy. Cunningly, he tricks his peers into painting the fence and relaxes. Tom fools Aunt Polly too and escapes her reprimand.

Storyboard Text

  • Oh god ! I am feeling so blue and depressed. All my buddies shall be on seventh heaven, swimming in glory and I shall bathe in sweat, white washing the fence. I'm sick at the sight of this. But I can't afford Aunt Polly to burst on me. 'Urgh!' What a plight!
  • .
  • 'Yuck!' I feel like a worker now! My buddies will play with water and I with paint? So unfair!
  • Are you crazy ? Me, work? No ways...I am making my day delightful by splashing white wash over the fence.
  • Goodness me! I can't believe my eyes! Tom? You? On Saturday duty? Hahaha!!
  • Wow! So many helping hands. See, how I turned their jeers to my need!! Geez! A rat, a bag of marbles, some chalk, a key, a dog collar, six fire- crackers, a brass doorknob-So much earning in one day. And the cherry on the cake is, the fence has been painted. Had there been more, I would have bankrupted them too.
  • Nope! Sorry. Aunt Polly is very particular about the fence. You might just goof it all up . However, since you insist, just give me something in return.
  • Hmm...that actually looks interesting! Can I give it a shot?
  • While Ben paints big bold strokes, let me munch on this apple. I wonder, when will more victims pass by!
  • Sure!
  • Will an apple suffice?
  • Thank God, Aunt Polly is ignorant of my tactics, else I'd have earned a neat box on my ear, be reprimanded and fall in jeopardy if she knew I had avoided my work and tricked my friends by luring them.
  • Thank You!
  • Good Job Tom. Here, help yourself with some more pudding.
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