Face Comic
Updated: 9/9/2020
Face Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Martin was still injured. Every day he looked at the mirror to see his wounds. He wanted to see the stitches and how they disappeared. Martin wanted to take a shower on his own,so he left the hospital room for the first time. He saw many other burned people but he didn’t pay attention to them.
  • Dr. Owen appeared and told Martin that he had to have plastic surgery on his face because he had severe damage to his skin. The doctor tells him to choose if he wants to have the surgery or not, and Martin said yes
  • Martin was worried about the operation but He meet a new friend called Anthony. Martin thinks that anthony´s face was actually so far worse than his face but Anthony was a very happy and inspirational person so after some talking, Martin felt a bit more comfortable about the operation.
  • After 3 hours of operation, Martin´s faces look worse than before the operation, and her parents go to visit him.
  • Five days after the operation, when martin go to his house, rang the bell, It was DI Byrd. He wanted Martin to tell his point of view of the accident so the detective can do the writing. Then DI Byrd asked Martin if Apache or Peter offered him any drugs before the accident, and Martin said no again. Finally DI Byrd said Martin that he and Mark were two victims and that they were so close to death.