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Rish Story corps Memoir
Updated: 5/20/2020
Rish Story corps Memoir
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  • One person that has had a huge impact on my life is my dad. Another person that has influenced my life in a big way is my mom but since I have to choose 1, I will be writing about my dad. My dad has done so many things for me and has taught me so many different things in life.
  • My dad has taught me a countless amount of valuable life lessons from learning how to walk, all the way to teaching me how to drive
  • My dad got me into sports when I was younger and ever since then I have loved them. My dad taught me how to play soccer, tennis, and swim. Even though now I play football and basketball, he still guides me through them.
  • He has also helped me with math, science, and other classes as well. Since I was very little he has been enforcing me to study and helping me through it. Even late in night when my eyes can hardly stay open and my brain starts to stop functioning he still makes me study for some upcoming tests
  • A specific memory I have of my dad teaching me something is when he took me fishing as a kid. When we first got there I was jumping for excitement for the feeling that we were going to catch big fish but when we were 30 minutes in I started whining,”How come we got no fish yet, this is so boring”“Just wait and relax yourself,” Dad said
  • After a couple more minutes I started fidgeting around with anything we had around us and was getting a little doozy due to lack of activity. I asked my dad,”can we go now?”My dad replied with a life lesson,”You see Rish, fishing is not about the actual fish, it is about bonding, relaxing, and coming to peace with nature. We then sat and admired the blue lake, nice green trees, the critters, and the mountains in the background
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