Unknown Story

Updated: 9/28/2021
Unknown Story

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  • exposition
  • main conflict
  • rising action
  • Mrs. Strangeworth lives in a small town on pleasant street built by her grandfather
  • turning point
  • Mrs.Strangeworth writes a bunch of hate letters to the people all around the town. She leaves them anonymous but believes she's cleansing the evil in the town. She believes everyone else does wrong and is evil and she has to keep her family's name pure since she's the last Strangeworth.
  • falling action
  • resolution
  • Mrs.Strangeworth goes to deliver her letter and drops the one meant for Don Crane. The Harris boy picks it and brings it to him and tells him it's from Mrs.Strangeworth.
  • She rest well after knowing that she hurt the people of her town. she took pride and joy in it and it pleases her to know that she hurt people.
  • She wakes up after a good mornings of sleeping well and reads letter watch out what was once your roses is now no more.