Revoluntionary Love at Qe
Updated: 4/1/2021
Revoluntionary Love at Qe

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Olivia, I know we've never talked before but you seem like a nice person. Would you want to come to the bonfire tonight?
  • We recognize who is being left out and include everyone
  • Sure Tyler! Sounds so fun. Thank for inviting me
  • It was good, thanks for asking! How was your class, Kate?
  • We would not ignore those around us and try to create new connections and friendships
  • Hey Stacy! How was English
  • It was alright. I had a test which I did not prepare for.
  • Jeez thank man! I really appreciate it
  • Instead of bringing each other down, we would help each other grow
  • Hey! I noticed you're having a hard time dribbling the ball, want me to help you?
  • I'm sorry
  • The washrooms stalls would not be scribbled with hateful words about other people, rather they would talk about it with their friends
  • Ya, it really bothered me when you called me a fat pig.
  • The students in bases wouldn't be separated from the rest of the student. They would be together.