Metal displacement 2
Updated: 6/7/2020
Metal displacement 2
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  • Displacement is the action of moving something from its place or position.
  • hmm..
  • Yes, exactly Andrew. In order for the reaction to occur a more reactive metal will push out or displace a less reactive metal from its compounds.
  • For something to be reactive it means that it is acting in response to a situation rather than creating or controlling it
  • IMPORTANT NOTESA more reactive metal will push out or displace a less reactive metal from its compounds.Displacement reactions involve a metal reacting with a metal compound.
  • Andrew answers Angus' question.
  • How do you what metals are more reactive or less reactive?
  • It is called the reactivity series. It is a series in which metals arranged in the decreasing order of reactivity. The most reactive metal is placed at the top of the series while the least reactive metal is placed at the bottom of the series.
  • These are Mia's notes she has taken so far.
  • Metal A + Metal B-Compound → Metal A-Compound + Metal B
  • A way to remember this reaction is if Metal A is more reactive over Metal B, then Metal A will displace Metal B in a chemical reaction. It can be written like i've written it on the board.
  • Andrew raises his hand and asks about the reactivity series.
  • The teacher explains the reactivity series with the poster on the board.
  • If you look on the board you can see the poster that has the reactivity series
  • The teacher tells the class a way to remember a metal displacement reaction and it's chemical equation.
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