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Updated: 9/21/2020
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  • Progression! He is running everyday, getting faster and able to run longer. He is seeing better results almost evryday.
  • Individuality! Both women are doing workouts that are best for them, ability wise. the younger lady is doing weightlifting while is best for her, and the older lady is doing yoga, while is best for her age and body.
  • Reversibility! The man is crying because he lost his toned in shape body. he stopped working out during quarantine and lost his muscle and got weaker, and he is dissapointed in himself.
  • Overload and Adaption! He is doing his max weight and as many reps as possible. This helps his microfibers in muscles to tear and heal. When they heal his muscles will be stronger and that is also adaption.
  • Rest and Recovery! He is sleeping after a long day or work and working out. he is getting a good nights rest so his muscles have time to repair themselves so he can have quick recovery and be less sore.
  • Specificity! She is training to be part of the track team. Since she wants to be in a sport invovled in. running, she is training by building endurance and doing fast short runs, because thats what the sport requires.
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