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Updated: 10/3/2021
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  • Discussing Poe's "Leigeia" and "The Raven"
  • "The Raven" really deserves all of its fame. Perfect example of romantic poetry.
  • Really? I always thought it was too dark...
  • Exactly! The raven being an evil, supernatural being is an example of romanticism because it's emphasizing fantastical over the real, literal. Plus, Poe goes heavy on the figurative language.
  • That doesn't mean it isn't an example of romanticism! The narrator's battle with the raven shows us his inner mind, so it's very focused on the self.
  • Good point. And there's all that imaginative business with the supernatural aspect of the raven.
  • Everything is also focused on solely from this narrator's perspective. We get HIS internal thoughts, and it's a very individualistic mindset. We're not dealing with a ton of characters. His mind and his inner sense of self, and that is a big element of romanticism.
  • Don't forget his short story, "Leigeia." When she returns from the dead, that's a great example of how romanticism doesn't deal with the literal and is much more imaginative.
  • Her bridal chamber is filled with really descriptive imagery that feels so artificial from our reality. I think that's an example of romanticism, too.