Updated: 9/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Casually walking.
  • I should really get a job... I can't just spend all day at home...
  • What the... Where am I?
  • Teleported to a unknown land
  • Walks towards and the house and starts knocking
  • Hello!? Anyone there!?
  • Jhello... To it I speaking whoot?
  • Whoot R ue sining?
  • Door opens and then flash
  • ...
  • What? What are you speaking?
  • I really can not understand a thing you're saying
  • RAHH!!
  • It's a magic spell that temporarily helps you and me understand each other better. It helps me understand foreigners basically. And as of right now you're speaking my language. All while you can understand me.
  • falls to the ground in pain
  • You understand now? You dumb
  • Camera switches face of the MC and back to support from MC's view
  • Yeah... But... What in the hell did you do to me?
  • The supporter drags MC to his room as it turns black
  • What did you do to me?