Updated: 1/16/2020
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  • Shot 13 - Wide
  • Shot 14 - Close
  • 🚓
  • Shot 15 - Wide
  • Karen drags Sven's body as Borat watches. Karen doesn't see Borat who stays in plain sight.
  • Shot 16 - Close
  • Borat calls the police, Karen answers as Patricia. She tells him she's also Karen, which is pu first refference to Dr Jekylll Mr Hyde
  • Shot 17 - Close
  • Patricia's car pulls up. Patricia gets out and starts talking to him. She tells him she's a cop, and then flashes her badge
  • Show 18 - Medium
  • Close up on Patricia pulling out her badge and flashing it. Borat is shocked and confused at the same time.
  • 🏵
  • Close up on Borat asking questions on the whole situation, why she did some of things she did, why she killed Sven.
  • Medium shot on both of them, especially Patricia, asking questions about why they pranked her and her kid, and answering Borat's questions.
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