Road to WWII
Updated: 3/5/2020
Road to WWII

Storyboard Description

By Jacob Horner P. 3

Storyboard Text

  • Germany Rebuilds Military
  • The more, The better!!
  • Axis Powers Formed
  • Axis Powers
  • More land! More land! More land!
  • Munich Conference
  • NO! No more for you!
  • Let them have Sudetenland
  • March 1935: Germany creates a new German airforce and create a draft which increases the army by gaining a total of 400,000 soldiers. This was a complete violation of The Treaty of Versailles
  • Hitler Breaks Munich Pact
  • November 1936: Mussolini invades Ethiopia and his invasion is supported by both Germany and Italy. This leads to Japan coming to join the alliance which becomes known as the Axis Powers
  • Nonaggression Act Signed
  • Treaty??
  • September 1938: The British are not very enthusiastic of Germany's rise to Power but Hitler persuades Italy and Britain to allow him to have the Sudetenland and he'd stop demanding new land
  • Britain/France Declare War
  • March 1939: Hitler breaks the Munich Pact and invades part of Czechoslovakia. He successfully invades then demands the Polish port of Danzig. The Western states finally react.
  • Aug. 1939: Germany is afraid that the Soviet Union would sign a treaty with the western states because this would cause a 2 Front War. Germany becomes allies with Russia which shocks the world.
  • Sep. 3, 1939: The Nazi agreement sparks Hitler to invade Poland. Britain and France declare war on Germany causing the official start of World War 2.
  • They have to be stopped. We must go to war
  • I 100% agree
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