English Project

Updated: 5/19/2020
English Project

Storyboard Text

  • Then one day as Mitchell was leaving Carter confronted him about being on his turf.
  • Mitchell ran half way home after that.
  • Then about a week later Mitchell was on his way home and accidentally bumped into Carter and fell to the ground.
  • He didn't know it was Carter and looked up to the horror of Carter and friends standing over him.
  • Time to teach him to stay off my turf.
  • They then started to jump him.
  • But...then a boy comes to help.
  • Then the boy punched one of Carter's friends across the face which knocked him to the ground.
  • Nope, I ain't trying to mess with him!
  • And One of Carter's friends runs away.
  • And the boy knocks down Carter by whacking him across the face with a stick.
  • And Mitchell was saved.
  • Thanks for saving me and whats your name?
  • No Problem and my name's Tevin but you can call me Te.