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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/11/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Kintu and his wife discovered land
  • Hunny, this is the place for us, we will stay here
  • Kintu and his wife grew a family
  • its so peaceful
  • I love it here
  • its so beautiful
  • Law of Love
  • Kintu and his wife were walking Africa for years searching for a place to settle. They came aross the shores of Lake Uganda. Kintu liked it there so he decided this was the place were they would settle in at.
  • Trouble Started
  • Theres no more land
  • My son cant grow anything beside my farm there's nomore space
  • I can not stay here nomore with this violence
  • As time went past Kintu and his wife had children, build houses, expanded the animals they brung with them. They made this land way more better than they found it. They were so happy and it was so peaceful.
  • War begun and Kintu ran off
  • This cant be happening
  • We want to fight
  • Uganda was a very happy place. There was only one law put into place which was the Law of Love. There was no killing, lies, or stealing. Everyone helped one another out and made sure everyone was ok.
  • The war got stronger and stronger
  • I will become leader
  • The farms have been spreading constantly on both sides of the lake. There is no long anymore space, trouble had sparked. The fathers started to get mad that their sons could no longer start farms next to them.The population grew every year and there started to be no more food.
  • There not being nomore space and food caused a big issue and a war. People no long listened to Kintu, there was no longer a law. The people wanted to fight and laughed at Kintu law of love. This war caused Kintu to leave he didnt like what was going on in Uganda.
  • As time went by the war got worser and worser. With Kintu gone there was no longer a leader so everyone fought about who would be leader. Manda went for a journey and ran into Kintu but didn't know he was being followed. Manda killed the person that was following him and Kintu got away again.
  • No I will become leader
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