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Endgame: Sky Key
Updated: 10/20/2020
Endgame: Sky Key
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  • The Begining
  • Players
  • Recovery
  • The book starts off with Little Alice (the human form of Sky Key) running around trying to catch up to a peacock.
  • Middle/Problem Scenes
  • The players who are allied are Jago, Sarah, Hial, Eben, Maccabee and Baitsakan. Those who arent allied are Alice,Shari,An and Aisling.
  • All Players Except An Liu and Hilal
  • Since, the players are still in recovery/adjusting to the events that happened in the last section of book 1. They'll be resting and getting ready to make the next move.
  • The Ending
  • In the middle of the book Sarah gets isolated in room when she went with Jago to vist his family. While that happens Aisling and her new team are on their way to the Himilayas.
  • When all the players finally make it to the Himilayas after finding out that Shari's daughter is Sky Key. They all try to kill her but with no luck. The reason they try to do this is because they beliveve that if they kill her before she touches Earth Key that'll stop Endgame from continuing.
  • In the end when all the players are distacted and agruing over what they'll do Sky Key aka Little Alice touches and reconects with Earth Key. Since the last person to have both Sky Key and Earth Key is Maccabee both he and the keys dissapear without a trace.
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